Survivor 46 episode 10: Tiffany Nicole Ervin voted out in stunner

Survivor 46
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Tonight, Survivor 46 episode 10 delivered one of the craziest 90 minutes we’ve seen in a long time — and all thanks to Applebee’s?

Well, to be more specific, a lot of it was tied to the fact that Liz hasn’t been able to eat much of anything on the beach, and she was furious that Q wouldn’t select her for the reward. Our heart goes out to Liz and yet, at the same time, we have two questions.

1. Why did production cast her, knowing she may not be able to eat much and there was no guarantee that she would get a reward?

2. Why did Liz want to do this show under the same conditions? It makes sense that she loves it, but still, that’s a really tough scenario to put yourself in!

We’d say Q’s decision doomed his game, but it was already close to being doomed anyway. Everyone wanted him out of the game, and they were openly rooting for him to lose at the immunity challenge.

Did he actually go?

This is where things got tricky. Maria desperately wanted to make a move on Tiffany, knowing that she she’s got an immunity idol. She had Ben, Charlie, and Q on her side. The big problem is that she needed Liz, who absolutely loathed Q and couldn’t talk about anything other than that Applebee’s bourbon burger. She had a personal vendetta! Yet, this is a game about strategy. Do you make the most that helps you win, or the move that is most personally satisfying?

Tribal Council was a curious one since everyone made it painfully obvious that Q was going to be the target … but was it all a trick? Yes! Eventually, we saw the other votes start to come in and with that, Maria got her blindside — and one of the biggest moves of the entire season.

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