Under the Bridge: Who ‘terrified’ Lily Gladstone?

Under the Bridge
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We know that at present, Lily Gladstone is at a high point in her career. She is coming off of an Oscar nomination from Killers of the Flower Moon and now, she’s co-starring in a crime thriller in Under the Bridge. There are going to be some other big things coming down the road for her, and that’s another thing we’ll be looking out for.

At present, though, let’s continue to talk about her through the lens of her character Cam, a formidable police officer with one goal: Justice for Reena Virk. Unfortunately, getting that could prove to be easier said than done at the end of the day.

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What is so interesting about this show is that while Gladstone and Riley Keough are the stars, there are some incredible performances from a cast of younger, relatively-unknown actors. These are some of the people who Lily praised recently to People Magazine, even explaining a surprising emotional reaction:

“Each one of those kids, when I was blessed enough to be in the scenes with them, they upped my performance … Walking out of working with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, the scene partners that have terrified me the most in the last couple of years have been these kids because they’re so good. They don’t lie.

“And you can tell these kids — who are all actors and want to be actors and have been studying it — they’ve grown up watching some really incredible performances … There’s way more complex characters for their age group, and they handle it so beautifully. The strength of all of their performances and what they brought to their roles is just so indicative of how much kids are capable of. They live and breathe what they do.”

There are certainly going to be some more big moments ahead for Gladstone and the remainder of the cast, namely when it comes to trying to put the pieces of Reena’s murder together. While we may have seen that reveal with Kelly’s boots, Cam isn’t privy to all the information yet. How will she find it?

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