Sugar season 1 episode 6: Is Davy Siegel dead?

Sugar season 1
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As we get ourselves prepared to see Sugar season 1 episode 6 on Apple TV+ in a few days, it feels like the right time to have the Davy discussion. Is this guy really gone?

Well, near the end of episode 5 we saw the Hollywood star attempt to take his own life, realizing the truth of his horrific behavior with women was being brought to the public. Regardless of whatever Bernie and/or Margit tried to do, the toothpaste was out of the tube at that point. It seems like John Sugar got enough information out of him to look more in the direction of Stallings and with that, the character’s arc may be tied up … even if there are still a lot of questions regarding Olivia’s whereabouts.

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So, is there any reason why Davy would survive? Well, this could be a commentary on how Hollywood stars get preferential treatment from hospitals and institutions. You know that the character will receive exemplary care. However, we’re not sure that within the function of the story there is any real reason for him at this point. This is not a character viewers want to see redeemed, and nor is it someone who seems to have more information than we’ve already heard.

Regardless of whether Davy lives or dies, it does feel like it’s the best option for Sugar as a show to try and move forward, and not focus as much on major events from the past. There are so many other things that have to be resolved here! The biggest one right now has to be the Olivia mystery, but let’s not forget about everything when it comes to John Sugar’s secret. There’s a reason episode 5 ended how it dead…

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What do you think we are going to learn about Davy Siegel moving into Sugar season 1 episode 6 at Apple TV+?

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