Survivor 50 will feature returning players, Jeff Probst confirms

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After weeks of speculation (and even a quote from Jeff Probst a matter of days ago), it does feel like there’s an official plan for Survivor 50.

In a new post on Instagram from a FYC event for the reality show, Probst confirmed that the upcoming milestone season is going to feature returning players. This is not a huge surprise, given that you would want something a little more epic for such a huge part of the show’s history.

Now, what would the theme for this season be? You can argue that you just bring back eighteen players from the “New Era” and have them do battle but personally, our dream scenario would be Old School versus New School. Go back to a 20-player season and bring back ten people from the first 40 seasons and then ten from the New Era. The idea here is that you’ll be able to get some people who were iconic from the earlier days of the show, but not necessarily winners who were a part of Winners at War. Then, you can toss in there some of the newer people like a Ricard, a Shan, a Jesse, or a Carolyn who we have seen on the show more recently. This could be a fun season!

In general, we just want to see a large mix in order to ensure that you don’t have a ton of pre-gaming from people who are all friends already. Typically, that tends to make things a little less fun. Having a wide swath of people is also what made Winners at War so excellent in the first place. (There are technically some winners we’d love to see back — remember Vecepia and Earl?)

Anyway, we do still have Survivor 46 to finish, plus three more seasons before we even get to 50. A lot of this chatter is, in that way, relatively premature.

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