The Terminal List: Dark Wolf premiere date: Best-case scenario

The Terminal List season 1
Photo: Prime Video

We recognize fully that The Terminal List: Dark Wolf is coming to Prime Video at some point, but what’s the earliest possible date?

Given all of the enthusiasm that is likely out there for the Taylor Kitsch prequel, we understand that this is a fun thing to think about — that is especially the case now that production is several weeks in!

Unfortunately, this is where we also have to advise everyone out there to be patient, mostly because there is no real reason why the producers or the aforementioned streaming service will hurry this along, even if the first season premiered a rather long time ago. The top priority will be making sure that the quality is there, and Amazon has plenty of big releases that they can throw out there first. Just think along the lines of The Boys, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and potentially shows like The Wheel of Time (which has already wrapped season 3) and Reacher, whose upcoming season is far further into production.

For now, we would say that the optimal situation for The Terminal List: Dark Wolf is that we get to see it at some point in spring 2025 — think in terms of March or April. This would give the show enough time to film, but also be edited behind the scenes, something that is a pretty rigorous process in its own right.

What about beyond this prequel?

Well, there is still a season 2 coming for the show at some point, even if there is not some cavalcade of information out there as to when you are going to have a chance to see it. Once again, this marks the producers and/or Prime being extremely patient, and hoping that viewers are going to stick with this franchise no matter what.

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What do you think the best-case scenario is with The Terminal List: Dark Wolf?

Share some of your thoughts and hopes below! Once you do just that, keep coming back — there are a lot of other updates coming down the road.

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