Under the Bridge episode 5 spoilers: Cam & Rebecca’s lead

Under the Bridge
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As many of you may be aware of at the moment, Under the Bridge on Hulu is going to be jumping around in time moving forward. Some of episode 4 will be taking you deep into the past to learn more about Reena Virk’s parents. With that, what will episode 5 look like?

Well, based on some of what we’re hearing now, it looks as though this episode (airing a week from Wednesday) is going to shift the focus back to the present fully — and also to Cam and Rebecca. We know that the two are going to be looking to pursue every lead that they can find, but where will it take them? That’s the question that still needs to be answered.

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What we can say for now is that “When The Heat Comes Down” is the title for this particular episode. Meanwhile, the synopsis below offers up a better sense of what’s ahead:

Tensions rise as suspicions surround the teens. Rebecca and Cam hatch a plan — but an unexpected detour leads Rebecca down a strange rabbit hole, resulting in a new bond.

What remains one of the more curious aspects of this show is simply this: If you have read the history of the Reena Virk case, you know already how things are going to end. Just from that vantage point alone, there’s not that much in the way of mystery in this case! We tend to think that the larger questions are going to be more about how events are presented, and also how long you want to wait in order to get to where Cam and Rebecca figure out the truth.

No matter how things are presented from here on out, know that Under the Bridge is a complicated and tragic story. We imagine that more of what’s ahead will be difficult to watch.

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