Velma season 3: Is it renewed, canceled over at Max?

Velma season 2
Photo: Max

Following the binge release of season 2 over on Max, is there going to be a Velma season 3 over at Max? What’s the current state of things?

Well, the first thing that we should do here is try to justify the animated series’ existence — from the get-go, our feeling is that the show was trying to do for the Scooby-Doo franchise what Harley Quinn did for a certain sector of DC Comics. The problem there was that the Harley show wasn’t anywhere near as much of a stretch, as there were already over-the-top and profane versions of the character in the source material. Here, Velma has been under a lot of criticism from the get-go for its writing, characterization, and radical changes to the source material.

Personally, we do think that there is room for a Scooby series catered to adults and yet, this show isn’t quite it. We would love to see something in the vein of at least a Riverdale that combines both the source material with something new. The problem here is that tonally, the show is almost recognizable; yet, the crazy thing is that there is a chance for a season 3.

Regardless of if you love the show or love hate-watching it, there were enough people who watched Velma season 1 for it to be renewed for more. That could happen again, regardless of the fact that Max basically launched the show today with almost no promotion or attention behind it. This has to be considered one of the quietest releases for any show in recent memory.

Odds are, Max will take the next few weeks to see exactly what the performance of the show is; from there, they will be able to make a firm decision. If there is another season, we do think that it will launch at some point in 2025 — there is no reason to think anything otherwise.

What do you think the chances are of a Velma season 3 over at Max?

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