American Horror Story: Delicate finale: Dex is Siobhan’s son?

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Going into the American Horror Story: Delicate finale on FX, it was certainly clear that there would be some twists.

Unfortunately, here is your reminder that not all twists are necessarily good ones, and that some are probably designed to make you mad. Take, for starters, the idea that all of a sudden, Siobhan actually wanted her fellow witches to use super-powered creations to take over the world? Or, that Dex is actually her son and that was a part of her plan for perfection? Also, all of this was only about 50 minutes long with a ton of commercials?

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This season for the show actually started off really strong, with interesting characters and good moral questions. However, the second half meandered at first and come the ending, it just ran out of steam. The entire middle of the story was dragged out far too long and when we made it to the end, the story suddenly (and inexplicably) felt rushed.

Also, can we try to explain how Anna suddenly was able to use a chant (and Adeline) to describe Siobhan once and for all? She and her baby survive, but we didn’t exactly get to see much of what happened after that.

Where will this stack up compared to some other finales?

Well, there are many seasons of Horror Story that failed to stick the landing. This one could be memorable, but not exactly for the right reasons. The end of NYC may have been dark and depressing, but it did actually conclude the story in a way that made a lot more sense.

With this, we say goodbye to the maddening story of Delicate … and we will see what lies ahead from here.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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