Survivor 46 episode 9: Hunter McKnight voted out after tie vote

Survivor 46
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Through the opening minutes of Survivor 46 episode 9, we saw one thing: Everyone was BIG MAD at Q for his stunt last week. It was enough to make you wonder why they didn’t vote him off then, but we’ve gotten to a point this season where the crazier the gameplay is, the better the show is.

Q is entertainment gold — he’s also royally ruined his game. These people did not respect him threatening to quit the game, and he responded to this throughout the episode by trying to desperately scramble and get people to turn on each other. None of this worked.

After Charlie ended up winning immunity over Hunter, Q remained an easy target. However, at the same time, there were so many other opportunities on the table. Since Hunter was vulnerable, Venus and others were looking at him. Meanwhile, there was a ton of attention in the direction of Tiffany. She has an idol, so what better time than the present to make a big move?

Well, here’s the funny thing with Survivor in the modern era of the game — everyone is so terrified about someone else boosting their resumes. Since Kenzie came up with the idea of blindsiding Tiffany, Maria didn’t love the idea of giving her the win. Also, Tiffany told Charlie that she just wants to flush the idol out of the game. (Tiffany had a really great perspective on the idol in a confessional — she just doesn’t want someone else to find a future one. With that, there is value in keeping it.)

All of this happened before Hunter decided to start telling people he was going to play an idol that he found. This set the stage for the messiest Tribal Council possible.

The Tribal Council mess

Jeff Probst showed up with popcorn and a cushion, ready for a show. That started with Q versus Tiffany, and when she claimed that he was throwing out Hunter’s name, it seemed like everyone was ready to get him out of the game.

The only thing we didn’t necessarily love was some people being holier-than-thou over some of Q’s antics. Was what he did silly last week? Sure, but this is a game and it’s never that serious. There’s no mountain that everyone has to die on here!

In the end, Q was … safe. Hunter didn’t play his idol! That was the mistake that cost him his life in the game, and yet another Nami got played. It’s the move that made the most sense and Hunter has nobody to blame but himself for it.

What did you think about the events of Survivor 46 episode 9?

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