‘Big Brother 15’ debate: Should we see an old twist return?

Big BrotherNow that you know “Big Brother 15” is going to be a whopping 100 days of craziness, we turn to another interesting question: What are we going to see during those days? Almost every season has some sort of interesting twist, and we’re sure that this season will be the same.

In reality, the most-likely scenario is that this time around, we are going to see something that is completely new given that they do not always rehash themes time and time again. But if they did decide to bring back one of the themes from the past few years, what could it be? Here is where we try to scream “don’t do it!” in the face of the executive producers.

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Past twists that will never happen

Having the audience vote for you – Okay, this is never happening again (we still love you anyway Eddie McGee) Moving on…

No Power of Veto – This is not like “Survivor,” where some people say the immunity idol hurts the game. The Veto easily makes the game much more interesting.

Twins – People would see it coming this time around.

The saboteur – It was stupid the first time, and it would be stupid again here.

Coaches – Everyone would spend the entire time wondering when they would enter the game as players, and we already saw them basically do that last season.

No jury house – This bombed miserably, which is why there was a rule change after season 3. There’s no going back.

Past twists that could return

Cliques – Maybe not do the same ones as in season 11, but this actually worked out to be fairly interesting since the alliances were not just bound to these groups.

Duos – We didn’t love it, but the biggest problem with the season 13 twist was that it was done in order to benefit the returning players and to harm the newbies.

Rivals – We could see the show’s season 8 format coming back in some way, since it made for both compelling and disturbing television at times. Like with the cliques, though, it would probably need a slightly different spin to it.

America’s Player – It’s already been done twice. It’ll happen again at some point.

Returning houseguest – See above.

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