‘Supernatural’ season 9 debate: Should a new Sam love interest surface?

SupernaturalLast week, we posted what was the first of what could be many “Supernatural”-themed debates, as we pondered whether or not we would get an opportunity to see much more of Castiel working alongside the Winchester brothers in the near future.

Now, we turn our attention almost firmly to Jared Padalecki’s character of Sam, and a question that has crossed our mind quite a few times over the course of the series’ run. Can he ever have a love interest than actually sticks? This show has not been kind to lady loves over the years. We’ve had some leave quickly, others be killed off, and then some others leave, only to later be killed off years down the road. (Just as Taylor Cole about this from earlier this season.)

So can we see one stick around? There’s a case to be made both for and against it.

The case for a new Sam love interest – The simple answer here is that it gives the character something different, and a chance to evolve further. With the show likely on the latter part of its run, this is the time where you have to start thinking about where these characters could be years down the road after the story that we see is over. Will Sam and Dean be alone forever? This could be the time for some movement.

Plus, with the right actress and the right character, having a new love interest would be fun. The reason why Amelia angered so many was that she took Sam away from being the person that so many people liked in the first place.

The case against a new love interest – The biggest issue with bringing in someone is that they disrupt chemistry, and this could therefore be a better thing to do in the final few episodes, when you can set things up for an endgame without having them be a fundamental part of the story. Plus, you don’t want it to be an Amelia situation again where it takes away from the brothers’ relationship, or from their “professional” duties.

What’s your take on the Sam situation right now: Should he take a new love interest moving forward, or is he much better off in being on his own? We want to hear some of your thoughts with a comment below! If you want to read some more of that aforementioned Cas-centric debate, all you have to do is visit the story over at the link here.

Photo: The CW

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