Sugar season 1 episode 5: Ruby’s new meeting

Sugar season 1
Photo: Apple TV+

As you prepare to see Sugar season 1 episode 5 on Apple TV+ this coming Thursday, we could get somewhat of a Ruby spotlight.

So, what will that mean? That’s a good mystery that for now, we are struggling in order to figure that out. This is someone who has been a partner or handler of sorts for John Sugar from the very beginning, but it’s also felt like simultaneously, she has been keeping a secret from him … and that is a hard thing to balance out, all things considered.

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One of the scenes that we’ve had a chance to witness already for the upcoming episode (per some promo pictures) is Ruby meeting with someone … but who?

The biggest mystery that we have with this particular character right now is quite simple: What is she trying to hide from him? It is clear from everything that we have seen so far that she is worried about the case he is working on regarding Olivia and her disappearance. There may be something about it that triggers something within him — we worry that it may be a memory from his past that he is meant to forgot. Or, it is possible that Sugar’s appreciation for old Hollywood could cause him to have an unhealthy fascinating with this case as a whole. For now, both of these things feel like definite possibilities and that it should be considered in some form.

No matter what Ruby is up to, we do think some answers have to be coming and soon — remember, we are already at the halfway point in the story! It feels inevitable that there are some more things we are due to learn, and sooner rather than later.

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