Under the Bridge season 1 episode 3: Lily Gladstone on themes

Under the Bridge
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In a handful of days, you will have a chance in order to see Under the Bridge season 1 episode 3 arrive — what can you expect?

If you had a chance to check out the first two episodes on Hulu already, then you understand the situation we are looking at here. This is a true-crime drama based on the life and death of Reena Virk, as it chronicles what happened to her from multiple perspectives. It is a harrowing story and not for the faint of heart, but it is also not out to be exploitative.

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One of the things that we have come to know with the true-crime drama over the years is that it can be really easy to sensationalize, or lionize certain people while demonizing others. Or, sometimes there is a concern that bringing back the dead, even in a fictional setting, can dishonor the memory of those who are gone. None of that is the intention here.

Speaking in a new interview on Morning Joe (watch here), Lily Gladstone, who plays Cam on the series, emphasizes heavily how one of the main goals here from the start is compassion for the victims. The show does illuminate the flaws of many, but also the nuances and the events that led up to certain acts being committed. We don’t necessarily have all the finer details about Reena’s case right now as viewers, and we are curious to see how much information is withheld and for how long. After all, this is not exactly a murder-mystery given that it is clear already on the outside what happened. The show can just choose to express those events however they choose.

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What are you looking to see the rest of the way when it comes to Under the Bridge over at Hulu?

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