The Orville season 4: Is official news imminent?

The Orville season 3
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Are we going to see The Orville season 4 be announced in some capacity in the near future? Obviously, there are reasons for hope — perhaps now more than ever!

If you missed it, show creator and star Seth MacFarlane recently said in a podcast interview that there “will be more” of the science fiction show — a.k.a. one of the most underrated on all of TV. However, at the same time there is a lot to still figure out. Will it remain at Hulu? Are we going to see a proper fourth season, or some sort of movie?

The important thing to remember here is that even with some of the comments from Seth, there is no incentive for anyone to rush something along. There may be some sort of confirmation behind the scenes that The Orville is coming back, but there also may still be conversations. Also, remember that Hulu or someone else may just be waiting for the right moment to get some information out there. Given that it’s been well over a year at this point since the third season wrapped, you don’t want a renewal to just get lost in the shuffle.

No matter when more news comes out, we hope that it’s accompanied by a reveal suggesting that much of the cast is also coming back at the same exact time. So much of what made the first three seasons work was the ensemble, and then also the creativity of the stories. MacFarlane worked hard to ensure that the spirit of the original Star Trek was really present here, one where there was a spirit of adventure mixed with a desire to tell stories that were topical and important in nature. It was a reminder that standalone episodes can still be a thing of beauty.

For now, we wait — yet, we also feel more optimistic while waiting than we’ve been in a rather long time.

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