‘Top Shot All-Stars’ season 5, premiere review: Greg Littlejohn face an old nemesis

top-shot-all-stars“Top Shot” is back and for season 5 it’s an all-star cast including a few of our favorites like William Bethards and Chee Kwan as well as the only female shooter Gabby Franco. We are thinking that Chee and Gabby might have a bit of an advantage as they were really close friends in season 4 and may be looking out for each other once again. For the first time ever, the contestants will not be divided into groups, so there’s no way for the weaker shooters to depend on teammates for help. Also there’s no nomination range this time around making this season all about skill and nothing else.

The first challenge was designed to let everyone know where they stand with a pretty intense obstacle course. It’s all about fastest time, so the bottom 8 shooters with the slowest time are in jeopardy for elimination and the top 8 are safe. The “incentive” (if you can call it that) to come in first is that you get a pair of binoculars. So who were the top 8? Joe, Kelly, Blake, Phil, Jamie, Alex, Peter and Chris  leaving William, Gabby, Adam, Chee, Kyle, Gregory, Brian, and Gary.

The bottom 8 were taken to the “proving ground” where they each had one shot to hit a bullseye 40 feet away and the two that were furthest from the center will be up for elimination. Gary and Greg ended up going to the elimination challenge where they used grenade launchers to hit four targets each in the fastest time. So who was the first contestant to go home in the “Top Shot All Stars”? The grenade launcher was Greg’s undoing once again which has to be extremely frustrating since he lost to Chris in the season 4 finale with the same weapon.

Was it upsetting to see Greg go home so early?  Leave us a comment and tell us who you are hoping will win it all this season.

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