Sugar season 1: Anna Gunn talks Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston

Sugar season 1
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Through the first few episodes of Sugar season 1 on Apple TV+, it is easy to pour on the praise for all of the talent involved here. After all, just think about who we’ve had an opportunity to see so far! The show has given us a wide array of great names including the likes of Colin Farrell, Amy Ryan, and James Cromwell, and you can go ahead and add Anna Gunn into the mix. The Breaking Bad alum here is Margit, Bernie’s ex-wife and also someone desperate to orchestrate a bold campaign for Davy — easily one of the worst people in the entire show.

Gunn is clearly someone who knows a thing or two about working with great actors, as she teamed up with Bryan Cranston for many years on the aforementioned AMC show. So what does she have to say about Farrell?

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Speaking in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actress noted that Farrell was pretty hands-on with multiple aspects of the show and worked to make her comfortable:

Yes, he’s so extraordinarily dialed in, and he’s so intelligent. I used to say to him, “You’re a true gent,” and he really is a real gent. He’s kind. He’s caring. He’s always on. He was not only starring on Sugar but also producing it, and he was always on his toes. It seemed like he was always everywhere at once and could answer anybody’s questions. So I can’t say enough about him. I really do feel so lucky that I’ve had such remarkably wonderful scene partners, and we clicked right away.

I always used to say that working with Bryan [Cranston] was like playing tennis with a great tennis player. You hit the ball with a great spin over the net, and then they return it in a way that maybe you didn’t expect and you have to dive. I find that kind of acting very exciting. In the moment, everyone has done their homework. They know who they are, they know who these characters are, and then you can really play with it. So I felt that way with Bryan, and I felt that way with Colin.

The biggest thing we can hope for here with Gunn is that by the end of the season, people are kinder to her here than they were after the end of Breaking Bad, as Skyler White probably suffered more unfair fan abuse than just about any character in TV history. Is Margit involved somehow in the disappearance of Olivia? Well, that remains to be seen for the time being…

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