Ghosts season 3 episode 8: The truth behind how Hetty died

Ghosts season 3
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The last thing that we anticipated heading into Ghosts season 3 episode 8 was some sort of gut-wrenching reveal regarding Hetty’s death. However, that is what we got. For the longest time, the ghost had been keeping what really happened to her a secret, and she ended up revealing that she took her own life.

Why do this? Well, she felt at the time it was the only way to potentially help her soon, as she had enveloped herself in guilt and shame that lasted for many generations. It wasn’t until so many years later that she started to realize more of the truth. The cord around her neck was used to save Flower from the well but at the same time, it also forced her to confront some of these major secrets in regards to her past.

So what did Rebecca Wisocky have to say about this twist, and how all of it came together? Just take a look, per Deadline, at some of her thoughts below:

She’s had a really great season. There’s two flashbacks for her, which was the first that she’s had, and we learn a whole lot more. I think the flashback that we showed earlier in the season when she was 25 years old and felt forced and compelled and trapped into making a decision to choose privilege and money and what she thought was safety over love and truth…I mean, I believe that that is the origin story of her misery. It certainly set a lot of other things in motion that you then see in this episode, in 1895. I think she believes that there’s been generations of misery and trauma in her family that I think she believes that she probably created. She gets it wrong a whole lot, but she finally, I think, put some pieces together 150 years later, in this episode, and realizes why killing herself was, she says, a great misjudgment. And I believe it, obviously it was.

This episode is proof positive of some of what makes Ghosts such a wonderful show. While it is a comedy, they still give themselves the space to dive into emotional stories like this in a way that is sensitive and make sense for the characters. Hetty will have whatever support she needs as she moves forward.

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