American Horror Story: Delicate episode 8: Did Anna win an Oscar?

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Tonight, American Horror Story: Delicate episode 8 arrived, and brought with it a few answers … and also a short run time? This episode was far shorter than most others, and was over (preview included) by the time we got to around to 7:52 p.m. Eastern.

For Anna Victoria Alcott, let’s just say that this episode was really a mixture of good and bad news. The good news is simple: She won an Oscar! However, in the process of that, she also may have sealed her unborn baby’s face with that kiss with Siobhan. She didn’t necessarily know what was happening, but she might in due time as Siobhan’s true nature is revealed.

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So what else is clear? Well, Dr. Hill has been intentionally working with some of the witchy women, presumably, to prepare for the next part of the ritual: The feeding. Meanwhile, it was actually an employee at Dr. Hill’s office in Cora who started to manipulate her appointments and was stalking her at just about every turn. Oh, and did we mention that she was also sleeping with Dex? Right when it started to seem like the guy had some redeeming qualities buried somewhere underneath, it turned out that he was actually just a jerk again. Oh well.

This season remains a mess — what started with such promise has now veered in a number of crazy directions without much of a coherent end in sight. Sure, it feels like the arc of Anna and Siobhan was planned from the start, but did it take a long time to get to this spot? You better believe it, and it is fair to question if we are going to get an ending that anyone wants.

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