Survivor 46 episode 9 preview: After the madness

Survivor 46
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As we do prepare ourselves to see Survivor 46 episode 9 on CBS next week, the bar is set high when it comes to sheer wackiness. We’re still not entirely sure what it is that we just watched. How are we supposed to take that? Q claimed he wanted to quit and yet, he received zero votes at Tribal. Somehow, him making everything about himself led to Tevin being voted out and a successful blindside.

So where in the world are things going to go from here? Well, according to the promo for what lies ahead, there are going to be fights all over the island. Q claims he’s ready to “cancel Christmas” on people, Venus is frustrated with some of the guys, and Charlie still wants to figure out how to navigate the game alongside Maria.

This season is feeling pretty epic at this point, and we honestly don’t mind any Gabon comparisons with just how unhinged a lot of things are. You’ve got big characters and we wouldn’t say that there is one person just dominating the whole thing. Maria may be in the best overall spot but even with her, we saw an instance of her name being brought up!

One story that is clearly not being played-out enough on the beach right now is that the Yanu three are all still there and based on 1) how close they are and 2) how everyone else is targeting other people, save for Tiffany, there’s a chance that they could make it all pretty close to the end of the game. If you are out there having some flashbacks of Carolyn, Yam Yam, and Carson, we understand. (Remember that like Q, both Carolyn and Yam Yam also had big personalities and could have been targets at any point.)

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