Fallout season 2: Should there be a change to release schedule?

Fallout season 1
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Even though nothing is official as of yet, all signs are pointing in the direction of a Fallout season 2 renewal. It is pretty darn hard to envision anything else! After all, the first season has been critically and commercially successful by all accounts, and this was certainly not devised at all to be a limited series. Instead, you can argue that the second season will be even more immersive, bringing you multiple parts of the world and bringing you deeper into the established universe.

Now, here is one question that we are definitely wondering with it already: Is it going to have a similar release schedule to what we saw in season 1? There are certainly some reasons to wonder about that already!

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First and foremost, we would start by telling you this — the first season certainly drew a lot of attention from releasing all episodes at once. However, what is the extent of that? Our concern is that come this time next week, a lot of viewers are going to be moving on to other projects. The time that the show is in the public eye is really brief, and we honestly don’t think that helps a series that has this sort of huge budget behind it.

Ultimately, we would say not to be altogether shocked about us potentially seeing a different rollout for a second season, mostly because we’ve seen Amazon do this in the past! It is something that they did with both Reacher and The Boys — they released the first seasons with a binge model, and then shifted to something different in season 2. With the second chapters, they gave you 2-3 episodes from the get-go, but then released them weekly the rest of the way.

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Are you hoping to see a Fallout season 2 renewal and if so, a weekly rollout, as well?

Be sure to let us know in the comments! Once you do just that, remember to keep coming back — there are some other updates ahead.

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