Survivor 46 episode 8 sneak peeks: Who joins ‘The Six’?

Survivor 46
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Stop us when this sounds familiar: Entering the next Survivor 46 episode, there are going to be rocky with Venus in the game. Yet, she is not alone in being a target.

Today, the network released some sneak previews for Wednesday’s new episode, and one of the biggest takeaways is that there are a ton of ruffled feathers. Why? Tevin and Liz are annoyed that Venus got a lot of credit for the Soda vote, when she was far from the only person who orchestrated it. Meanwhile, Liz says in a confessional that she’s also annoyed with Tevin, especially since she has been the one targeting Soda the longest. She does recognize that she is playing a pretty passive game when it comes to owning moves and she’s going to have to change that narrative moving forward.

Will she be able to? Well, we do think that there is a good chance, largely because there’s still enough time to make some magic happen. It may make sense to go after a Tevin or a Venus but if she does, another problem arises: Who will her #1 be down the road? She could end up being without some major allies.

Speaking of allies, another preview for the episode suggests that after Tim’s elimination, you are going to be seeing Charlie brought in by Maria into the Six alliance — but how stable is his place in that? He sees it as playing for other people more than playing for himself. It does make sense for him to make another move.

Who is most vulnerable right now?

It feels like it is Q, mostly because his confidence is bordering on cockiness and he doesn’t seem to view Charlie as a big enough player to make a real move. This is an attitude that could easily get you into trouble.

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Who do you think will be voted out entering Wednesday’s Survivor 46 episode 8?

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