‘Psych’ season 7 finale review: A new chief, and a possible firing?!

PsychWell, did you see that ending coming?

On Wednesday night, “Psych” season 7 came to what was a pretty thrilling conclusion, and one that is probably going to drive you a little insane as you wait for the two-hour musical that is coming up in the fall. Major changes are afoot for Shawn and Gus, and we don’t quite know how they are going to move forward, at least when it comes to earning a living.

In “No Trout About It,” the other shoe finally dropped when it came to how much government money the Santa Barbara Police Department has spent thanks to its dysfunction over the past several years. We had the arrival of Trout (Anthony Michael Hall), a powerful consultant who ends up becoming the new Chief of Police after the decision is rendered to put Chief Vick on leave.

Does this mean the end for the character? We don’t think so. It wasn’t necessarily implied that we will never see the character again, and the truth of the matter is that she’s great at her job. As wacky as the methods may be (thanks mostly to Shawn), the cases always get solved at the end of the day.

As for Shawn and Gus, Trout has put the two on ice after deciding that the department no longer has any desire to keep hiring a psychic detective. Sad face. If this is the end of their consulting work for now, at least it was a pretty fun case all about a man who basically tried to fake his own death in order to cover up his crimes. At least he and Juliet are back on good terms, even if Gus is yet again sad and single.

What was your take on the “Psych” finale? Be sure to share your thoughts below! If you want to read a little bit more about why season 8 will probably be the last, all you have to do is click here.

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