Fallout season 2 premiere date: Will the games impact it?

Fallout season 1
Photo: Prime Video

Given the seemingly-massive success of Fallout season 1 on Prime Video the past few days, it only feels right to look ahead. After all, the writers most likely are! There are signs that there are conversations already about making more of the show… but how long are we going to wait?

Also, with a show like this, there is also another question that you have to consider: Whether or not any future video games could impact when we get it.

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In a lot of ways the question makes sense, largely due to the fact that we’ve seen shows like Game of Thrones and Outlander have to think a lot about book releases alongside them airing. However, the comparison to books to games is almost apples to oranges, especially when you consider how with Fallout in particular, we are talking about a game studio in Bethesda that works on different projects over a long stretch of time. As of right now, their top priority seems to be a new Elder Scrolls game, which will take a long time. Who knows if we will even see a new Fallout game within the next five years?

Basically, don’t anticipate that the games’ release date will impact the show much at all. Our feeling right now is that a season 2 could come out in either late 2025 or early 2026, depending on when an official renewal comes in. These are episodes that take a long time to make, so don’t be shocked if the producers and Amazon take their time. It should be worth the wait — at least if we are talking about something similar to what we’ve had a chance to see the past few days. Season 1 was great, so why not keep the momentum going?

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Do you think the Fallout video games on some level will impact a season 2 for the show?

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