Sugar season 1 episode 3: Who has a big secret?

Sugar season 1
Photo: Apple TV+

The more that you watch Sugar on Apple TV+, the more that you may realize that there is quite an eerie feeling underneath the surface. How else can you describe what we saw in the closing minutes?

For most of the show, one of the larger takeaways has been that something is rather off with John Sugar, from the visions he has to his obsession with California and old Hollywood archetypes. Then, you have Ruby, his handler-of-sorts who was busy typing something away secretly at the end of the story. There is something underneath the visage with these two, but the question is simply what. Also, will anyone else in this world figure it out?

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One of the big challenges that Sugar and Ruby could be facing here is the simple fact that there is someone eagerly hunting down further information in David, who is even willing to leave the state to find it. Does that mean that he’s actually going to get what he wants? That remains to be seen, but it’s a big part of the adventure of the show — there are multiple mysteries going on at once.

When it comes to Olivia’s disappearance, the biggest thing that we know is that she was trying to blow up some very-bad things that were going on across the industry, and taking up some of the work that was originated by her mother in the past. There could be a lot of corrupt people who want her dead — we don’t think that we trust everyone in her own family.

The biggest problem that we foresee John Sugar having as we move forward is simply a lack of resources — are there are a lot of trustworthy people out there? At the moment, it certainly does not seem like it.

What did you think about the overall events of Sugar season 1 episode 3?

What is John’s secret, if he has one? Share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, remember to also come back to ensure you don’t miss anything else.

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