Fallout season 2: Is cold fusion a potential game-changer?

Fallout season 1
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In the aftermath of the Fallout season 1 finale on Prime Video, it feels easy to say that everything could be changing coming up. We are talking here in terms of the TV universe, but also the greater world established by the video games at the same time.

After all, the delivery of cold fusion to Moldaver is an utter game-changer. One of the biggest struggles in the post-apocalyptic wasteland has been one related to power. Now, they could have it — or, they could in theory. While you can argue that everything could be different for future installments of the franchise, there are no guarantees.

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Why is that? Well, remember who may be in charge of the form of energy now: The Brotherhood of Steel. This is a group of people who are obviously going to have their own feelings about how to handle this, and they may actually decide not to share it. The reason for that is simple: Control. They can undo what’s been done or use it for their own purposes.

Would Maximus allow that, given that 1) he seems to have a conscience and 2) he has a certain amount of leverage within this world now? It feels like a pretty fair thing to wonder at this point. However, at the end of the day here we are talking about one person surrounded by a bunch of people who are inherently more selfish. We do have to remember here that in the end, we’re talking about a world defined by one rule: Everyone seems to think they know best when it comes to the wasteland. Who actually does? Well, we’re still waiting in order to figure some of that out.

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