The Rookie season 6 episode 7: Bradford & Chen’s future

The Rookie season 6
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As we do prepare ourselves to see The Rookie season 6 episode 7 (let alone the rest of the season), it is clear that we’re in for some emotional stuff. How else can you really describe where we are at right now?

On this past episode of the series, we saw arguably one of the bigger surprises in the show’s history, as Tim broke up with Lucy after deciding that he had been living much of his life as a lie. He did his whole self-destructive spiel about not “deserving” her and in doing that, both of them are heartbroken. There were real feelings there on both sides, and not all of this is going to make a lot of sense.

With all of that in mind, we’re not surprised to hear what Melissa O’Neil is saying now to TV Guide — she recognizes how difficult it’s going to be for her character coming up:

Given the way this breakup goes, what else is there to say? It’s a really painful breakup, and I’m not even talking about this from some oracular perspective. I’m not giving a spoiler. It’s a genuine question. What else can you say? When the transgressions are of this nature, they are dangerous, literally. I’m just speaking from Lucy’s perspective: It doesn’t matter how much he wants to dress it up in virtue. It looks like stonewalling. It looks like he’s shutting her out, blocking her off.

I can’t help but feel that Lucy, based on who we have known her to be in the last several seasons, has got too much of a sense of self to wallow in that. She’s going to be hurt about it. But she was in a barrel with her life being risked, and she was suddenly like, “We’re good!” [Laughs.] So she has a very strong sense of self, and she’s capable of holding her pain and living her life.

Of course, we are going to continue to have hope for the two of them, but things are not going to be easy — when are they ever within the world of this show?

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