The Good Doctor season 7 episode 7: A religious experience?

The Good Doctor season 7
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As you get prepared to see The Good Doctor season 7 episode 7 on ABC, there are so many different things to prepare for.

Take, for starters, one of the strangest patients that we’ve had a chance to see here so far. We are talking here all about someone who claims that they want to donate a kidney … but they also claim that he is from Nazareth and is a carpenter. Does this man actually think that he is Jesus?

Well, the massive can of worms that comes with this particular issue is rather simple: If this person is not of sound mind, there is a question as to whether or not he is capable of being a donor. Also, it seems as though he knows about Asher … but how does he no about Asher? Sure, this episode is going to have some medical-mystery components to it, but at the same time, there is also going to be this larger mystery at the same time. It is unusual for this show but at the same time, they love to make you ask questions! This is just another example of that at the end of the day.

Given that there are only four episodes left this season, the one thing that we will say with a certain measure of confidence is this: The entire story in this episode is not going to be about this supposed Jesus. Instead, we think that a good part of it will be about Shaun continuing to adjust, fixing things hopefully with Charlie (they made some progress tonight), and also working in order to ensure that things still work out well for himself, Lea, and their baby.

Get set for a few more emotional moments — these are the sort of things that you have come to expect with this show over the years.

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