‘Mad Men’ season 6: The internet freaks out over new Jessica Pare rumors

Jessica PareThe following story is precisely what happens when a theory starts online, and there is enough evidence for it to turn into an avalanche. We warn you now that this does not contain any spoilers, but if the speculation does turn out to be true, you could be feeling very angry in a few weeks time.

Is the end near for one Megan Draper on “Mad Men” season 6? Thanks in part to a certain shirt worn by Megan on Sunday night’s episode, one that many people probably just thought was a commercial for Macy’s, the internet has exploded with talk that the bell is going to toll for Jessica Pare’s character by the end of this season. In particular that she could be the show’s version of Sharon Tate, who was infamously murdered by followers of Charles Manson in 1969 (coincidentally, the same year that this season is set). Tate at one point wore a very similar t-shirt / underwear combination, and the similarities are far too similar for this to be mere coincidence. Matthew Weiner put this here for a reason, possibly as a metaphor for the emotional death that Megan’s relationship has experienced at the hands of Don; or, as some sort of real possibility that Megan could actually die before the end of this season.

There have been other hints that almost solidify comparisons between Megan and Don to Tate and Roman Polanski, including an allusion to Rosemary’s Baby from earlier this season; of course, there is also still the common bond that Megan and Sharon share as young actresses.

We don’t know if Pare’s character will necessarily die, but this show has been ramping up to something horrible happening ever since the premiere. There has also been a spattering of violence culminating from last week’s stabbing, so it would not be a complete stunner to see this somehow taken to yet another level.

What’s your take on this Megan-as-Tate story? Do you think that there is anything at all to the theory? If you want to see something a less less foreboding, click here to check out what Pare recently had to say about her character.

Photo: AMC

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