Is Lena Headey leaving Beacon 23, and is Aster Calyx dead?

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Is Lena Headey leaving Beacon 23 and her role of Aster Calyx following the events of the season 2 premiere? It may be fair to guess that.

After all, consider everything that we’ve seen so far! The character was seemingly killed at the end of the season 1 finale, and that was further confirmed in this episode. Her death raised all sorts of questions about the future of the Artifact, which Halan worked to effectively scatter as an act of revenge. Now, Aleph has to travel to reassemble it, and he has left Stephan James’ character alone at the Beacon, without much company other than the dead bodies of those from the Column. Harmony is also seemingly gone, which leaves him in a pretty desperate position.

Now that we’ve said all of this … we are still not altogether certain that Headey is 100% gone. There is the fact that the Game of Thrones alum is present in the marketing materials for the show. Also, the season 2 trailer contained pieces of her in a virtual form that have not been shown on the series so far.

In one way or another, Aster will be back and Lena is not gone for good. Is she meant to be a hallucination or a virtual consciousness, desperate to help Halan? Is her return a consequence of the Artifact? There are so many questions on this subject, but you can argue more or less the same thing when it comes to just about everything with this show! If there is one thing that they absolutely love, it is finding a way to keep you guessing time and time again. Nothing is different now, and we will see more of what the future holds.

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