Fire Country season 2 episode 6: Hope for Bode, Gabriela?

Fire Country season 2
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As we prepare to see Fire Country season 2 episode 6 arrive in a matter of days over on CBS, is there any reason to hope for Bode and Gabriela?

At this point, it’s complicated to say the least. It is abundantly clear that Max Thieriot’s character still loves her — also, Diego knows that! Gabriela herself may either be in denial about it, or is trying to find a way to rationalize him being in her life. Hence, calling the two of them “family” on this past episode.

Yet, we do think the producers know what a lot of viewers are hoping for and by virtue of that, it’s hard to sit here and feel like the Diego – Gabriela wedding is going to actually happen.

Speaking about all of this in a new interview with TVLine, executive producer Tia Napolitano made it clear that there may still be something there between the two:

“It’s interesting because she says to him, ‘I love you, you’re family’ — like, what, they’re siblings now? So that is either a lie, or the gentlest let-down of all time … They [also] do hold hands [and] I don’t think ‘siblings’ would reach out and hold hands in that moment. Obviously, they are someone special to each other, and that doesn’t get erased just because she’s planning to marry someone else.”

With relationships like this, things are clearly a marathon rather than a sprint. Gabriela needs to figure out where her feelings are now that Bode is back — so much of her relationship with Diego began in the aftermath of the Bode heartbreak. Also, there’s another component to all of this, as well: Bode needing to actually fight for what he wants. He can’t just sit back and be okay with a friendship. If he is, then nothing else will ever come.

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What do you think will happen next with Bode and Gabriela on Fire Country?

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