Quantum Leap season 3: Could it be revived elsewhere?

Quantum Leap season 2
Photo: NBC

If you missed the incredibly frustrating news earlier today, there will not be a Quantum Leap season 3 at NBC. While the news does not come as an enormous shock ratings-wise, it is absolutely still frustrating. The adventures of Ben Song were a source of joy, hope, and adventure for a lot of people out there. Why take that away?

Also, can’t you still argue that this is a show that could perform really well in some other venues? At the very least, we are thinking about that right now.

Without further ado, let’s just go ahead and get into the notion that the series could find some other home, whether it be a major network or streaming service. It does have going for it a relatively small cast, and that makes us think it might be a little more affordable than some others from network TV. The budget could propose some challenges, but we tend to think that established brands are a good way to ensure that networks and streaming services get eyeballs.

Given that Universal Television is under the NBCUniversal umbrella, you can unfortunately argue that NBC had more of an incentive to keep Quantum Leap than almost anyone. However, you can make the argument that so does Peacock! If there was a place that had the most incentive to keep the show around, it is them. Otherwise, the recent success Netflix has had with shows that are relatively similar in tone make us think it is possible that we see something similar happen here … if they wanted it.

If there is going to be an effort to bring Ben Song and the rest of the team to another home, odds are we will hear about it over the next few months. We will keep our eyes peeled…

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Do you think that a Quantum Leap season 3 could still land somewhere?

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