Ripley season 2 renewal: Is there any timeline at all?

Photo: Netflix

Based on what we saw over the course of Ripley season 1 on Netflix, it feels like there is a good chance that another story could be told. Will it? That’s a totally different story.

After all, based on where things currently stand, the streaming service has labeled this a limited series. You could see this as one of two different things. Either this is truly meant to be the end of this particular story — or, this is Netflix hedging their bets, knowing that if the show does not come back, they can just say it was never intended to.

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However, we do at least think this: The folks at the streaming service are almost certainly going to be monitoring where a lot of the numbers go over the next few weeks, largely in the event that the Andrew Scott series turns out to be a big hit. We recognize that to some people, this is a hard sell — we are talking here about a black-and-white noir that is not going to be all that easy to digest for some audiences. Its pace is intentionally slow and methodical at times to bring you more into Tom Ripley’s state of mind. In a way, you can really argue that this is a part of what makes it special!

Just know this — if the series does somehow turn into a massive hit over the course of the next couple of months, we do think there is a reasonably good chance that another season happens. All it would take is getting the creatives and at least some of the cast back. Sure, you would likely just follow the roadmap here from the source material — as someone who hasn’t read all of that, our feeling is that Scott and Dakota Fanning are really the only two cast members who are 100% essential. With everyone else, there’s a chance you mix things up a little bit more.

Are you still hoping for a Ripley season 2 renewal at Netflix?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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