Sugar season 1 mystery: Where is Olivia?

Sugar season 1
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If you have watched the first two episodes now of Sugar over on Apple TV+, then you know a major mystery sits at the core. What are we looking at here? That’s rather simple: An attempt to try and locate Olivia Siegel.

Olivia is the granddaughter of a producing icon in Jonathan, played by an icon in his own right in James Cromwell. He’s someone who clearly wants private investigator John Sugar to figure out who took her and within the first two episodes, there are some developments that we get a chance to see play out. It turns out that Olivia was starting to find her voice and was ready to speak out against some problem people in Hollywood — something that her mother was looking to do more of before her tragic and mysterious car accident.

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This is without even noting the mysterious circumstances around two other people in this episode in Clifford Carter and Carmen Vasquez, or that Olivia’s other father Bernie seems to be eager to cover up his son David’s horrible acts. This is a family that has a lot of terrible secrets, and it remains worth thinking that on some level, we are going to see some of them work to silence one of their own. It’s possible that David or Bernie killed Olivia — or, that Jonathan did something and thinks that he can pawn off the responsibility on someone else at this point! We do think there are still a number of different situations that are still possible and personally, we’re interested in taking a look at a lot of them.

Colin Farrell has already proven himself to be an outstanding lead as John Sugar and yet, there are still questions about his own capabilities to solve this case. Olivia reminds him of his sister and by virtue of that, he’s more determined than ever to get answers.

Will he find them? Well, that’s so much easier said than done.

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What do you think really happened to Olivia on Sugar season 1?

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