9-1-1 season 7 episode 4: About that Buck, Tommy kiss!

9-1-1 season 7
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We knew that 9-1-1 season 7 episode 4 was going to have some big, personal moments for a handful of its characters. However, what we did not exact was some sort of big kiss at the end of it!

In the closing minutes of the episode, we fundamentally saw something that we never quite expected in Oliver Stark’s character locking lips with an unexpected love interest: Tommy. We know that there have been plenty of Buck / Eddie ‘shippers over the years, but this isn’t exactly what many had anticipated.

The promo for the next new 9-1-1 episode signaled that we are going to see Buck and Tommy on some sort of date and while the character may be still exploring this new part of his sexuality, it’s something that Oliver Stark has known about on some level over time. Speaking to TVLine, the actor explained some of what he’s felt internally:

…  I’ve probably believed for a long time that we should end up in this place. I withdrew myself a lot from social media because you would see these things [about Buck] and I would agree… but I couldn’t agree, right? It was such a fine line, because if things didn’t happen, then I’d have been quote-unquote queerbaiting. So thank you [to those fans] for sticking with the story, and I hope there’s an element of it that feels right. I also hope you continue to stay on board and enjoy the story as we tell it.

What Stark is fundamentally trying to say here is that he’s felt for a while that this could happen, but you never know what will happen on a show! Stories can always change, or there was a chance that the series was canceled before there was a chance to explore it.

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