‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4: A new (and somewhat terrifying) promo

Pretty Little LiarsWho said that “Pretty Little Liars” cannot freak you out from time to time in their promotional material? While the latest promo released by ABC Family does not exactly give a heck of a lot away when it comes to the actual story ahead, it should serve as a nice refresher to everyone trying to get an even greater understanding as to everything that caused the ladies to be in their present situation. Think of it as the world’s fastest recap episode.

The clip starts ominously enough, with Troian Bellisario basically told to imagine everything that has transpired with her ever since she first turned the deal down to work with Mona. Then, a rush of terrible things are quick to enter her brain.

The promo (which is actually from the show’s Canadian broadcaster in MuchMusic) then leaps forward to focusing on Ali, who narrates that the Liars are going to get what’s coming to them still. Should this be a not-so-subtle hint that Ali still has quite a role to play on the series? We’re pretty sure here that the answer to that is “definitely.” Ali will have a significant role one way or another, or at least someone who looks like her will. This season premiere is entitled “A is for A-l-i-v-e” for a reason, and it’s not because Toby is starting to walk the face of the earth again after being presumed dead.

What’s your take on this “Pretty Little Liars” promo, and are you getting more pumped-up for the June 11 premiere by the day? As always, we want to hear some of your thoughts below! If you want to read some more show-related news via Ashley Benson, all you have to do is visit the story over here.

Photo: ABC Family

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