American Horror Story: Delicate episode 6 promo: Dex’s role?

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As we prepare ourselves to see American Horror Story: Delicate return on FX, we know there are plenty of questions about allegiances.

Take, for example, Matt Czuchry’s character of Dex. Where does he stand in all of this? It has been pretty easy to say at times that he’s a bad dude, largely due to the fact that he’s been an absent partner at times and there’s always been something weird regarding his past with Adeline. Is he a part of this twisted plan involving Siobhan and others — or, is he just a not-great husband preoccupied with other stuff?

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If you head over to the show’s official Instagram, you can see a new preview that does feature the Dex character getting mad at someone. However, the question still remains as to who that someone really is. Is it a person who actually matters? Or, is this Dex putting on some sort of performative display? For now, it feels like both of these are worthy of at least some sort of discussion.

What we want above all else

Maybe it is Dex — or, maybe it is Ivy to some weird extent. We just hope that at some point down the road this season, Anna Victoria Alcott has someone who is in her corner. This is a part of what made the first part of the season so challenging, as it felt like everyone was lying to her to some extent and she did not have that many places to ultimately turn here for advice or support.

The road ahead on Delicate is going to be tough, and we certainly think that there are going to be a handful of major twists still ahead. Dex could even die! We wouldn’t put it past this show…

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What do you most want to see moving into American Horror Story: Delicate episode 6 on FX?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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