Survivor 46 episode 6 sneak peek: Is Venus now an asset?

Survivor 46
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Wednesday night, Survivor 46 episode 6 is going to arrive and with that comes a big opportunity, one where the merge is imminent!

Of course, who benefits the most from where things stand at the moment? This is where things get complicated, and Venus suddenly finds herself in a place where she is an x-factor.

If you head over to TVLine, you can see a new sneak peek for the upcoming episode where Moriah indicates how hard Venus is playing — and also how Charlie is clearly threatened by her already.

However, here is the interesting wrinkle in all of it — she is clearly at the bottom of Nami, and could be used for a potential flip. Depending on where the Yanu numbers fall once everyone “earns” their way to the merge, that extra number is important. Sure, you could get most of the players to rally together and just take her out now. Or, you could use her to build numbers against Nami, whittle them down, and then vote her out a little bit later. However, in doing this you run the risk that she is able to find a stable spot in the game where she can garner some real power.

Venus has potential to be one of the best players this season; however, her biggest flaw may just be everyone being aware of how smart and capable she really is. If your game is exposed too early, it can be curtains for you — at least if you cannot show you still have value to other people. This is what you constantly have to think about in this game: Can you make other people believe that you are 100% valuable to them? It’s really the thing that can determine if you go far, or are immediately saying goodbye at Tribal Council.

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