Interview with the Vampire season 2 trailer: Louis’ new world

Interview with the Vampire season 1 episode 7
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As we lead into next month, you are going to have a chance to see Interview with the Vampire season 2 arrive over on AMC. So, what comes along with that? Let’s just say that there are so many things to be excited about, but also so many reasons to be emotional.

After all, the signature line being used to promote the season here is “memory is a monster.” Doesn’t that tell you a lot in particular? It is a significant reminder of the pain that come with being a vampire, one that forces you to be reflective and look a little bit more at your past.

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If you head over to the link here right now, you can see the latest trailer now that includes Louis and Claudia beginning their jaunt overseas to Europe, a place where they are going to find a theater full of vampires, only to discover that Lestat was once one of their finest actors. This is a reminder that no matter how much Louis may want to escape his past, it still haunts him — and it is certainly possible that there are some residual feelings that could play a part in how he acts and behaves.

This trailer serves as another reminder that Claudia has a big role to play in this particular story,, one where she is going to find both a larger voice and a sense of where she truly stands within this world. Meanwhile, in the present Louis will continue to do his interview, now accompanied by Armand. This is a character we certainly think will have his own story to tell over the course of the season, and we would say to prepare yourself to see some good stuff from that department, as well.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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