Why was Death and Other Details canceled at Hulu?

Death and Other Details season 1
Photo: Hulu

There is a chance you heard the news yesterday that after just a single season, Death and Other Details is no more at Hulu. It was an incredibly engaging concept and had a great cast — yet, even still this was not enough to get the show another batch of episodes.

So, what is going on here? Let’s just say that, as is often the case within the world of TV, this is complicated, and the decision to conclude the show was about more than just one thing.

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First and foremost, let’s begin by noting what we believe to be the biggest factor in the show’s demise: Viewership. Or, a lack thereof. The first season never charted high in any of the streaming ratings that we’ve seen, though we also recognize that these are somewhat abstract and Hulu does not directly provide viewership data to the public. What we can say is that in terms of public data, the series did not generate a great deal of social-media engagement, especially when you consider how this was a show designed for theorizing and speculation. Unfortunately, it was probably hurt by some tepid reviews — not all of which felt particular fair to what the show was going for.

Beyond all of this, you have to look at economics. For a show to survive in a day where streamers and networks alike are cutting costs, it needs to be a pretty gigantic hit. That is a pretty hard thing to pull off, all things considered! This show may not have been expensive on the level of a House of the Dragon or Stranger Things, but it did have a large cast and a wide array of filming locations. Clearly, the cost of a possible season 2 did not make sense when compared proportionally to the viewership.

With all of this, unfortunately, this sad case of a great show being canceled is closed.

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