NCIS season 21 episode 6: ‘Strange Invaders’ sneak peeks!

NCIS season 21
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Monday night, CBS is going to bring you NCIS season 21 episode 6 — and there is so much to be excited about here!

Over the course of “Strange Invaders,” after all, you are going to see a story that puts none other than aliens at the center of everything. This is not something we necessarily expected coming into this season, but the idea of a case that could have extraterrestrial ramifications is fun! That is especially the case when you have a few characters that easily could go down this particular rabbit hole.

If you head over to the link here right now, you can see a number of sneak peeks for this episode that all serve to raise this question further, while also giving some context about the actual case at hand and what could be coming up here. There’s also a great opportunity amidst all of this to learn a little bit more about characters’ belief systems and have some arguments along the way.

Also, it turns out that there is a McGee-specific subplot that was not previously teased entering this episode! It is one that revolves around whether or not Tim is going to shave his goatee at the request of his wife Delilah. 100% there is some meta-commentary going on here about clean-shaved McGee versus bearded McGee; some characters on the show don’t tend to notice his facial hair at all, and we also develop blindness to it here and there. We do think the goatee makes him a little more distinguished but McGee is McGee — he is the sort of character who is going to be pretty likable either way.

As for the aliens, we don’t really think that they are involved in what happened to a Navy pilot. There could be a reasonable explanation for the unusual wounds on their body … but it may take a little bit of time in order to figure out.

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What are you hoping to see moving into NCIS season 21 episode 6 on CBS?

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