Survivor 46 episode 5: Jem Hussain-Adams voted out

Survivor 46
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After such an emotionally fraught Bhanu-focused story last week, Survivor 46 episode 5 was a breath of fresh air — and finally something different. For the first time all season, Yanu did not lose an immunity challenge! The only reprieve they’d had all season was when Randen was evacuated, but here, they finished second place and actually had something to eat.

Before we do say goodbye to Yanu in this article, we have to give kudos to the editors for making us think that Q really wanted to quit, when in reality he just wanted to make Kenzie think that so that her guard would be down heading into Tribal. Luckily, that didn’t happen.

Now, things get fun: Tiga lost immunity. For the first time all season, we actually got to see substantial amounts of airtime at this tribe! Also, it was complicated. Jem and Moriah were close, and the same went for Ben and Tim. Maria and Charlie had their secret duo, and that put the two of them in the middle. They had to figure out what they want to do.

The good news for Jem was that she did find an immunity idol! Meanwhile, the bad news was that she then interrogated Ben and Tim both about their votes in the most aggressive way possible. She could play the idol and end up being safe, but she didn’t have to put herself in this position! (Also, Ben didn’t have a vote and this made the whole situation even nuttier.)

Now, let’s get to Tribal Council

There are certainly parts of this that were funny, especially with the “vibe tribe” having to actually betray someone. It did feel like a few players like Charlie and Jem both were overly transparent with some of their confusion at Tribal, but does that matter? Everyone knew in advance what they were going to do here…

With that, we get to the vote, and the fact that Jem did not play her idol. The votes came in, and Jem was taken out of the game.

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