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Earlier this week, the news was announced that House of the Dragon season 2 is coming to HBO this June. That is incredible and well-worth celebrating, but there is also something else we are left to wonder right now — what does this mean for the rest of the franchise?

Let’s just put it this way for a moment: If you are wanting to do something more within the Game of Thrones universe, this is ideally the best time to reveal it and there isn’t that much in the way of another opportunity anywhere near as good. Take, for example, the upcoming The Hedge Knight: A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. If the network has some casting information or other fun news to share about that series (which has already been confirmed), the spring is a great time in order to make that happen.

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Then, there is also the long-simmering mystery of the Jon Snow spin-off, which has been in development for a rather long time now. We’ve yet to hear anything that makes us think that the project is dead and yet, we also have not heard much beyond the fact that Kit Harington himself originated the concept. It is possible that there is a writer working on something at this point, but perhaps more so than any other proposed spin-off or prequel, HBO is going to keep quiet on this one. They understand the need to try and manage expectations.

Because of all this, our sentiment is pretty simple: It will be a pleasant surprise if we learn much of anything at all regarding the Jon Snow series during House of the Dragon. If it does happen, it is more likely to be during the finale than any time early on in the run. The moment that HBO actually announces something on this show, they are practically giving it a series finale; this is absolutely a case of toothpaste you can’t get back in the tube.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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