Manhunt season 1 episode 4 spoilers: ‘The Secret Line’

Manhunt season 1
Photo: Apple TV+

As you get yourselves prepared to see Manhunt season 1 episode 4 on Apple TV+ next week, we hope that you’re prepared for a lot of drama.

To date, the Tobias Menzies series has been nothing short of a thrill to behold. It feels like one part historical epic and another part detective drama, set in a time period before things like forensics were such a big deal. The hunt for John Wilkes Booth is such a difficult one given the limited amount of resources, and we say this knowing full well that he assassinated one of the most famous Presidents in history.

The title for Manhunt season 1 episode 4 is “The Secret Line.” Want to know more? Then go ahead and check out the synopsis below:

Stanton and Detective Baker investigate ties between Manhattan’s most elite Wall Street traders, the Confederacy, and Booth.

This entire situation is one where Baker and Stanton have to basically look at every lead possible in the hopes that there is something that comes out of it. What does come out of this that is interesting is getting a chance to see a total expansion of the world at that time and everything that comes with it.

For those who have not heard the spoiler more than 150 years old, Booth ultimately died in Port Royal, Virginia. Just be virtue of that, you have a good bit of evidence that there is still a lot of ground for this series to cover … but isn’t that also a big part of the excitement? What makes this show such a thrill to watch is that you get to see a lot of the pieces come together.

How many episodes are we getting of this?

It’s a bit of a random number in seven. Yet, at the same time Apple TV+ is one of those services that will give you however many episodes they deem are important for a show — no more and no less.

What do you most want to see moving into Manhunt season 1 episode 4 on Apple TV+ next week?

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