Doctor Who season 14 trailer teases infinite possibilities

Doctor Who season 14
Photo: BBC One

This morning the latest Doctor Who season 14 trailer was revealed leading up to the May 10 premiere over on Disney+. So, what stands out from this chapter of the show?

Well, based on the latest footage, it feels like the show is really setting out to recruit new viewers just as much as they are doing anything, which of course feels smart, all things considered. There are no Daleks in the trailer, just as there are not too many recurring characters or monsters at all. Instead, the goal here seems to just be finding a way to usher in a new generation to the show with time-travel, humor, and adventures.

Rest assured, we do still think that some of the nostalgic elements are going to be there, even if the trailer is not leaning into them super-hard. This may just be something that is being saved for some sort of specific moment in time down the road.

Of course, it is our hope that by the end of this season, there will also be a bigger sense of what some of the larger forces are that are really defining the story at this point. If you think back to some of what we’ve seen so far in the anniversary specials last year, then you may be aware of “The One Who Waits,” a mysterious entity that seems to be operating almost as the Big Bad at the moment. Of course, it can be hard to be severely threatened by an entity like this without knowing either who they are or what they actually look like.

To see the full Doctor Who season 14 trailer, just visit the link here. Remember that in the UK, these episodes will be airing the next day on BBC iPlayer as well as BBC One. That decision feels just as strange as it did when it was first announced.

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What are you most excited to see on Doctor Who season 14, based on the latest trailer?

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