Special Ops: Lioness season 2 renewal: Spring 2024 hopes

Special Ops: Lioness season 1
Photo: Paramount+

Is it realistic to expect news on a Special Ops: Lioness season 2 renewal at some point before the end of the spring?

In a lot of aways, at this point it feels like the answer to this isa pretty clear “yes.” Heck, you could take this a step further and say that it was realistic to expect something to be revealed over the course of this past fall! A long time has passed at this point since the first season aired on Paramount+ and in terms of commercial success, we have every reason to think that the series could return. It may also be among the best stories to come from executive producer Taylor Sheridan over the past few years, at least in terms of what it looked like on the surface and then what it ended up being at the end. It’s a far more complicated and poignant story about war, responsibility, and even heartbreak than it looked upon a first viewing of the trailer.

Now, let’s get into the two main players regarding a season 2: Paramount+ and Sheridan. We may be delusional, but it feels like both parties do and should want more of the show. The primary hang-up right now may just be having the time needed to set the budget and prepare a possible story. Remember that Sheridan is making up for lost ground following the strikes of last year, and there is a sense of urgency around both Yellowstone season 5 as well as 1923 season 2. That may be taking up his time. Also, some of the cast for this show is busy working on a ton of other projects.

Because of all these variables, we tend to think there is a 50-50 chance something more is said on Special Ops: Lioness season 2 this spring — and even if a renewal is announced, it could be late 2025 or early 2026 before episodes actually materialize.

So long as we’re going to get more of Cruz and Aaliyah, we’re more than fine with waiting; whether that happens, even if the show is renewed, remains to be seen.

What do you most want to see moving into Special Ops: Lioness season 2?

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