Halo season 2 finale: The Flood, Guilty Spark, and Halsey’s fate

Halo season 2
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Is it fair to argue that the Halo season 2 finale offered more video-game lore than any other episode in ages? For right now, we’d certainly argue so! There were a ton of references to the source material, and that is without even noting two very important things brought to the table here: The Flood and then also Guilty Spark.

By bringing in the Flood to the show, the writers are certainly allowing themselves an opportunity to introduce a significant amount of body horror into the show. For those unaware, this is (from within the games) a parasite-like entity that manages to transform their hosts. Sure, you can call them zombies, infected, or whatever else you’d like, but it also does raise the possibility for some other surprises and/or horrific developments moving forward.

Also, we should note that Dr. Halsey is infected! At the moment, she is still alive, so this is at least one situation where you don’t have to worry about her being killed off immediately ahead of the next chapter.

Now, let’s get into Guilty Spark. So much of the finale was about the Halo ring, and this is an AI who looks after said ring — though we do tend to think the situation is a bit more complicated than this. The assumption to make from here is that Guilty Spark could be a companion-of-sorts for Master Chief through at least a part of season 3 — if this wasn’t the case, why go through the trouble of introducing them now?

While the second season did have its fair share of problems, kudos to the finale for managing to bring a lot of familiar aspects and ideas to the table. This certainly does make us more excited for the possibility of something more…

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