Survivor 46 episode 5 preview: Immunity idol chaos

Survivor 46
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As we prepare to see Survivor 46 episode 5 on CBS next week, is the game about to change? Is a tribe swap about to happen?

Well, the first thing that we really should say is that the entire edit of the season will be different from here on out. For better or for worse, Bhanu dominated the screen time for the first month of the season. He was a terrible player, but also a genuinely good person and a huge presence. With him gone, though, the remainder of the Yanu tribe can find a way to move forward, even if it proves difficult for them. Tiffany and Q have already been identified as a duo; not only that, but Kenzie was outed as a mastermind. These are things that she’s going to need to overcome.

Now, here’s the bad news for Yanu: There was no indication in the promo that a tribe swap is going to be coming. Instead, the focus here was almost entirely about immunity idols and the paranoia around them. It seems as though everyone could be working against Venus to find one on Nami — or, at least that’s what made it seem. Remember that Tevin had indicated that he was going to be coming after Soda, but we’ll see if that happens.

As for the green Siga tribe, the big question is whether or not Jem is going to be found out for what she did with the Beware Advantage. At the moment, it feels like there is so much that we need to learn about this tribe, as they are currently the most under-edited of the bunch by a pretty wide margin.

At the very least…

Doesn’t it feel right now like there is no clear favorite to win the whole thing? There’s only one person who technically has an idol right now and while Tevin may be in a good spot on Nami, we don’t think his long-term future is guaranteed.

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