Survivor 46 episode 4: Was Bhanu Gopal voted out?

Survivor 46
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After all, just think about the million mistakes that the man has made. He blew up the Yanu tribe’s game while out on a journey, he’s annoyed the entirety of his tribe, and he also was pretty bad in the immunity challenge tonight. There are episodes of this show where we see the editors at least try their best to give you a reasonable amount of mystery. Then, there are also episodes where they shrug their shoulders and realize that in the end, there is not that much they can do. This is an instance of the latter more so than it is the former.

Bhanu was a goner entering Tribal Council. He had no vote, no idol (Tiffany had it), and no real campaign to stay alive. Tiff told him to his face that she was voting him out since she didn’t trust him! The only thing that Bhanu had left to do at Tribal Council was to, in his words, tell his story.

If nothing else, this produced one of the more bizarre Tribal Councils that we have a chance to see. It felt clear that Jeff Probst knew what was going to happen in advance and he prepared to roll out the red carpet for him. We were okay with that in this instance. He’s a terrible player, but he does feel like a genuinely good person who wanted to come on the show and inspire others. He just isn’t made for a game like this and that’s okay.

Kudos to the rest of Bhanu’s tribe, as well, for showing a lot of empathy towards him given that he literally betrayed all of them an episode before.

Also, there was no vote! Probst didn’t waste anyone’s time! Bhanu just grabbed his torch, walked up to the podium, and it was snuffed. Now, can the real game begin? We do tend to think that could be the case.

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