The Way Home season 2 episode 8: The truth about Lingermore

The Way Home season 2
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Through most of The Way Home season 2, there have been questions aplenty about Lingermore. It is baked into the mythology of the story. After all, what happened there was going to lead to Kat and Del not speaking for a substantial period of time.

Alice was desperate to get information about what really happened here, mostly due to the fact that nobody wanted to talk about it in the present. With that, she hatched a plan to go all the way back to 2007 in order to figure more of this out.

It was Kat and Elliot’s idea in order to throw some sort of party around Halloween, and beyond that, it was a collaboration between Elliot and Alice that led to it being a masquerade. This allowed her to be there undetected, and the party ended up being far more crowded than anyone would have predicted. Blame Monica for sharing the Facebook invite publicly.

So amidst all the chaos and the noise, Alice learned that Kat wanted to take off and move to London with Elliot, where she could attend law school and start over after everything with Brady. They were going to do it immediately, and that meant having to shut down the party.

The chaotic ending

Well, let’s just say that everything could be falling apart in terms of the timeline. Alice realized that Kat was not supposed to leave and if she did, there was a chance that she could not even exist in the first place. She confronted Elliot, Brady turned up, and then Brady and Elliot found themselves getting into a fight. Kat got caught in the crossfire … but did she die? She can’t die, right?

Oh, and we should note that Nick discovered Elliot’s time-travel journal.

One more thing…

Kudos to The Way Home’s producers for the epic needle-drop of “Starlight” by Muse, a song that we haven’t heard for at least four years that we’re super-nostalgic for.

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