Chicago PD season 11 finale: Star on Tracy Spiridakos, Upton exit

Chicago PD season 11
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There are so many things to look forward to on Chicago PD season 11 the rest of the way, but there is something else to dread. After all, remember that Tracy Spiridakos is departing the series and her role as Hailey Upton at the end of the season. Is not an easy idea to think about — as a matter of fact, losing her feels painful. When you are so attached to someone who has been a part of the show for many years, it is incredibly hard to see them depart. That’s a big chunk of familiarity that is gone.

Of course, however hard it is for us to lose someone like Tracy, it is equally hard or even harder for a lot of people behind the scenes. For some more on this subject now, just take a look at what Jason Beghe (who plays Voight) had to say to TV Insider:

“Of course, losing Tracy as an actor, it’s a huge loss just as a human being. She’s a friend. It’s a huge loss … But as a friend, that’s something that’ll never change. She is my friend, just like everybody who’s left is still very, very close to my heart. And I think the door’s open for Upton. Hopefully she’ll be back. I know that she’ll always be welcome in our team, Tracy and Upton.”

The one encouraging thing about this departure for now is rather simple: It feels like the door will be left open to the possibility that we do see Upton again at some other point. This means that she isn’t being killed off, right? Obviously, we’d hope that the writers for this show are not anywhere near this cruel and yet, at the same time there have been countless people in this universe who have been killed over the years.

What we want to see from Hailey’s exit

Honestly, it’s not all that different from what we think a lot of fans out there probably want. Can’t we root for at least one more appearance from Jesse Lee Soffer as Halstead? We want to in general, just root for this idea that this story will wrap up in some sort of happy way — even if Upton doesn’t get everything she wants, we hope that she at least gets some of it.

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